Work with Me

All requests should be directed privately to the messenger box on my instagram account – west_laine_wanderer, or to my email If emailing, please do not use the word ‘wordpress’ in the email, as these emails are sent to a separate folder which can become very full. Also please use the term ‘Business’ at some point in the headnote.

I am very happy to accept guest posts; however, they will be subject to my edits if I deem it necessary. Such posts may include your name and the name of your blog. Links will be acceptable however, I will not accept links in the main text for paid collaborations unless they are ‘no follow’ links. This is pursuant to Google’s guidelines.

If you would like me to write a guest post for you blog, I would be thrilled! I will require that my blog name appears in the post; however, I do not require a link to my page. My commitment to writing guest posts will be decided on an individual basis. It may depend upon the content I am asked to write, and the busyness of my personal schedule.

Please don’t take it personally if I say I am unavailable. I will almost certainly want to work with you in the future, I may just have a full plate at present.

In addition, if you have ideas for any of my post threads, that you would like me to write about, send them to me and I will credit you/your blog with the idea! If it’s a really good idea though, I’d recommend writing about it yourself!

On a slightly different note, I am looking into starting a podcast. I would love for travel bloggers, and readers, from all around the world to join me from week to week so I can get unique perspectives on where you guys are from and where you love to go! If this is of interest then please contact me and we can talk about creating an episode!

Finally, all gifted products, and/or collaborations, will receive disclaimers in accompanying posts. I will only accept sed gifted products, and collaborations, from companies whom I believe my ethical views are best aligned with.