Who Else Wants to See The Big Five?

To paraphrase my previous sentiment, this blog may seem to be something of a rat’s nest. I am therefore writing this thread of posts on my bucket list, the parts I have done and those I am yet to do, to provide consistent content for your perusal. I hope West’s Bucket Lists will provide some inspiration, perhaps for your future travels, and even a little escapism in these uncertain times. This post is number 3 on West’s Bucket List. Enjoy!

On my list is one of the most iconic challenges known to safari tourists the world over. I of course want to see the Big Five in their natural habitats. A cape buffalo, an elephant, a black rhinoceros, a leopard, and a lion.

My sister has had the distinct pleasure of doing so and I am incredibly jealous. Across trips to South Africa and Kenya she even saw an elusive leopard, hauled up at the base of an acacia tree. I have made a start to the five though. So far, I’ve seen several solitary water buffalo, a handful of herds of elephants, and a majestic pride of lions, complete with cubs. Whilst not a wildlife expert, my bachelor’s degree being in ancient history, I am passionate about conservation and never fail to have my breath taken away by seeing spectacular fauna exactly where it’s supposed to be.

On visits to the Maasai Mara and Serengeti, both of which were on my bucket list and may deserve separate posts in themselves, my reverence for the phenomenal wildlife was perhaps only matched by my wonderment at the beautiful landscapes in which I saw them. Sprawling planes, meandering rivers, and endless golden grass set against the backdrop of a fire orange sky is, in itself, that which has brought me closest to a feeling of true serenity perhaps in my entire life.

If my dual summation, on the spectacular nature of both the animals and their habitats, appeals to you, save up some money and try get out to see the Big Five.


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