Why Iguazu Falls Should Be High on Your Bucket List!

To paraphrase my previous sentiment, this blog may seem to be something of a rat’s nest. I am therefore writing this thread of posts on my bucket list, the parts I have done and those I am yet to do, to provide consistent content for your perusal. I hope West’s Bucket Lists will provide some inspiration, perhaps for your future travels, and even a little escapism in these uncertain times. This post is number 2 on West’s Bucket List. Enjoy!

Next up on my list is Iguazu Falls. For many people’s money, these are the crème de le crème of waterfalls across the world. I’ve seen some beautiful ones. Plitvice in Croatia, Yosemite falls in the USA, and Gullfoss in Iceland, to name just a few. Iguazu is absolutely at the top of my list though. I’m yet to visit South America, and perhaps that partly plays into why I am desperate to see Iguazu; however, the pictures of it, as I look at them now, reaffirm my absolute desire to visit the falls.

Where Iguazu is located, at the convergence of Argentina’s Misiones Province and Brazil’s Parana State, a torrent of water cascades over basalt in an arc down into what is colloquially known as the devil’s throat canyon. White water, beneath blue sky, and surrounded by dense pockets of emerald canopy, sounds like paradise to me.

Your hard-earnt money, spent on all manner of touristy activities at the fall, will also go further to help protect the biodiversity and pristine habitat of the region. Like Bhutan, if you spend your money wisely and try to keep your footprints in the area as harmless as possible, there is no reason your visit can’t benefit Iguazu Falls.

As a perfect stop off when planning to travel between Brazil and Argentina, or vice versa, Iguazu is a must see and, when I eventually get down to South America, somewhere I dare not miss.


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